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UVC - Low Pressure Lamps

UVC-low pressure lamps high output lamps (LPHO) mainly emit UV-radiation in the range of 254 and 185 nm. By using different kinds of quartz glass, the 185 nm line can be blocked or allowed to pass through. In this way, ozone free or ozone producing lamps can be manufactured according to the customer's needs. We classify our low pressure lamps as follows:

UVN (standard LP- or High-Output lamps) and
UVI/UVX (amalgam lamps).

Low pressure lamps can be made in almost every shape. Very popular is the U-shape, making extremely compact installations possible. All lamps are made for applications in air and water.  The excellent quartz quality grants best efficiency both for disinfection and ozone generation.

UVC lamps are also suitable for pinning as well as final curing processes in inkjet printing applications. These high performance lamps can be manufactured in nearly every kind of shape.

- Arc lengths from 10 mm - 2,600 mm
- Power output up to 500 W
- Custom-made shapes and connectors
- 12,000 working hours lifetime

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