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UV Equipment


These dryers – with their special form reflectors – can have varied arc lengths, spectra, and lamp performance according to your specifications.

The double-walled housing reduces heat in the exterior housing panels and reduces the quantity of cooling air needed. With optional integrated fans and dichroic filters, heat sensitive products can be UV cured.

- Compact and modular design can be adapted to meet almost any requirement
- Quartz filter in front of the lamp isolate the lamp from the production area
- UV high-performance lamps for arc lengths up to 2300 mm (90.5 inch)
- Specific power output up to 240 W/cm (600 W/in)
- Shutter function and power control via PLC
- Infinitely variable power control between 30% and 100%

For more information on our UVAPRINT HP, call 508 . 229 . 7774.