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UV Equipment


The cold UV radiation system was developed especially for use in temperature-sensitive production processes such as printing mono films or shrink sleeves. Advanced Cold Mirror technology (ACM) makes it possible to filter out a large portion of the interfering infrared radiation. The ACM system has an integrated cold mirror. Its geometry and coating considerably lower the proportion of IR radiation that is directed toward the substrate.

- IR radiation is reduced by up to 85% in UV dryers with an ACM system compared to direct radiating UV systems
- Advanced cold mirror technology can reduce substrate temperatures by up to 65% compared to direct irradiation
- High intensity at a low power input
- UV high-performance lamps for arc lengths up to 2,350 mm
- Specific power output up to 236 W/cm

- Air-cooling for lamp outputs up to 17 kW
- No chilled rollers or cooling plates needed

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