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UV Equipment

UV Meter

The handheld UV-Meter measures exact radiation data, which is calibrated to the German Standard PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt). The UV-Meter’s range of interchangeable sensors makes the device suitable for measuring values in the UVC, UVB, UVA and VIS range. Values are displayed in mW/cm”, W/cm” or W/m” and 2 channels are available for measuring different wavelengths simultaneously.   

Data storage for recording measurement sequences and auto-start capabilities make the UV-Meter a must for lab testing and documentation purposes.

- Measurement of UV intensity and dosage for spot and flood cure units
- Intensity and dosage measurement with up to 8 interchangeable sensors (automatic sensor recognition)
- Data storage for recording measurement sequences
- Auto-start of measurement when minimum values are exceeded
- Automatic switching between measurement ranges
- Integrated real-time clock (e.g., for documentation purposes and long-term measurements)
- Docking station with accumulator charging connection and RS232 interface for transmission of measured values to a computer.

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