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UV Equipment


Our SOL line is used for duplication of natural sunlight. A special metal halide lamp, reflector and filter provide high irradiance efficiency and a homogeneous distribution of UV. When using several lamp units, large areas can be irradiated.

Honle has developed irradiation systems based on established standards, these systems can be used for tests such as light soaking, hotspot or UV-preconditioning.

- Capable of reaching sun simulation class up to BBA as specified in IEC60904-9
- Meets standards in both IEC 61215 and IEC 61646
- Solar simulation: 700-1100 W/m2, also available at 200 W/m2
- UV-preconditioning: up to 250 W/m2 UVA + UVB

Available Units:
SOL 500, SOL 1200, SOL 2000

Call 508 . 229 . 7774 for more information on our SOL product line.