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Our facility in Marlboro, Massachusetts, is equipped with UV/LED piloting equipment and test/demo units to evaluate potential UV/LED applications.

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We offer more than just a light source

Our UV/LED technology optimizes numerous manufacturing processes in a wide variety of industries from printing and environmental based companies to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands.

UV/LED curing products for digital inkjet single-color and multi-color print solutions.

Flexo/Offset Printing

UV/LED curing products for digital, flexo, and high-speed offset printing presses, available in widths from 85 mm to 2,030 mm. Inerting and advanced cold mirrors available for specialty applications.

Sun Simulation
Simulated sunlight and UV radiation measurement systems for quality testing of photovoltaic modules and materials aging and testing.

Adhesive Curing
UV/LED curing products for UV bonding in the optical, electronic, and medical industries and precise curing of pottants in electronic components.

UV/LED products for reliable surface disinfection in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

UV/LED Measurement
UV meters are used for real-time or continuous measurement of UV doses (mj/cm²) and intensities (mw/cm²).

Fluorescence Testing
Blacklight Filter Technology products for quality fluorescence testing of production processes, clean rooms, and NDT testing.