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New LED for Flexo and Digital from Dr. Honle

At Labelexpo Europe 2015, UV specialist Dr Hönle (stand 8A54) will present a new drying solutions for flexo and digital applications in packaging and label printing.

Brand-new is the LED Powerline Flexo, a UV-LED system for curing highly reactive inks which was especially developed for flexo and digital printing applications. This compact LED module is only 90 mm high and 100 mm broad. The length depends on the particular application. With an irradiation width of 10" or 16" and a performance of 16 Watt the LED Powerline flexo meets the current requirements of flexo and digital printing applications.

The LED Powerline Flexo has an integrated control. All dryers of the jetCure series are precisely tailored to the requirements of inkjet printing, as UV, UV-LED or IR version.

Hönle offers its customers the classic UV curing system jetCure. Its double peak intensity to comparable UV units leads to outstanding curing even at high printing speeds and guarantees a decisively better printing quality. Specially developed cold light reflectors make it ideal for temperature-sensible printing substrates. jetCure units are available with different lamp spectra, perfectly matched to the printing. The module’s length can be individually matched to the printing process.

New with Hönle: the jetCure LED. This high-intensive curing unit combines the merits of a technically mature curing concept with all known advantages of LED technology. It is available in different irradiation widths, lengths and wavelengths. Its lightweight and compact design makes the jetCure LED ideal for an installation on the cartridge carrier.

The latest gain is jetCure IR. The typical compact design of the device series allows an easy integration into the printing machine. Different wavelengths can be generated by a quick and easy IR lamp exchange. According to the application a combination with hot air is possible.

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