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Solve Your UV Lamp Control Challenge for Water Treatment Applications

The adoption of ultraviolet (UV) energy systems for the treatment and disinfection of water continues to accelerate. Applications are pervasive and include waste water treatment plants, marine ballast, industrial water supplies and aquatic feature facilities such as water parks and aquariums.

While there is no shortage of debate about the adoption of these systems, major factors such as public health regulatory controls for wastewater discharge which have become more difficult for operators to attain are driving this growth. Additionally, new regulations for chlorine residuals have come into play due to its toxic and harmful effects. There are no chemicals used in the UV disinfection process.

As the market continues to grow for large flow UV systems incorporating low-pressure UV lamps, operators are faced with difficult control, maintenance and replacement challenges.


To meet this demand, our engineers have developed a unique multi-lamp controller (MLC) with a modular EPS driver that will control up to 30 UV-lamps individually. The modular lamp controller has been especially developed for the operation of Amalgam low pressure UVC lamps. These devices are designed for lamps with a maximum lamp power of 1,000 watts and features a universal supply voltage between 320-520V. The power supply can be operated via. Ethernet or PLC. The advantages include a compact design, energy-saving operation, less maintenance due to plug connectors and fasteners, an optimized electronic lamp ignition and valuable remote diagnosis functions.

The system features digital control for the precise adjustment and monitoring of lamp parameters. This ensures efficient, economic and gentle lamp operation, especially in installations with numerous burning positions. The actual operational status of each lamp is signaled by multi-colored status-LEDs. Extensive diagnosis details are available via. a web server. This data can also be seen with an internet browser. Remote control via. a web server is also possible.

The operation of the UV-lamps is controlled by an integral Ethernet interface. By using an external PLC, all lamps can be ignited and dimmed via. ModBUS TCP. All status information can also be seen through this bus. The integrated PLC-Interface is designed to control additional external components such as a wiper system. The main supply side is equipped with an electronic Power Factor Correction-Stage. This control function makes the current consumption at the power input sinusoidal. This reduces the loss of upstream transformers and minimizes the effects of unwanted harmonics to the supply network.

We have a proud tradition of engineering and supporting electronics components to fill the technology void for emerging applications. The MLC has been designed to provide an innovative solution for the water disinfection operators’ most demanding control, maintenance monitoring and total cost of ownership challenges.

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