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UV Equipment

LED Powerline

This compact, water-cooled, high-performance unit is the optimal solution for pinning and curing. The LED Powerline has been a huge success with our customers in the adhesive and inkjet printing industry. The unit’s small dimensions and light weight allow for integration into any system.

The basic size of 76 mm x 10 mm on the irradiated area can be extended in 40-mm increments to any size your application demands. Each Powerline is divided into segments of four that can be controlled independently. Each segment is electrically driven by a compact and efficient DIN rail mounted module.

- High irradiation power
- Low temperature load
- Very small dimensions
- Lightweight
- Different wavelengths available

Available Units:
- Bluepoint LED: UV/LED point source with up to 4 LED heads
- LED Spot W: Intensive UV irradiation for larger areas with extremely small water cooled design
- LED Spot: Intensive UV irradiation for larger areas  
- LED Power Pen: Reliable LED point source
- LED UV-Pen: Reliable LED point source
- LED Flood: Used for bonding edges (LED lines) or areas (LED faces)

For more information on our LED Powerline, call 508 . 229 . 7774.