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We’re global leaders in industrial UV/LED technologies

Honle UV America offers a full line of ultraviolet (UV) and LED equipment, sales, service and support for North, South and Central America. Our UV/LED equipment is used in many production processes in various fields of application:

- Drying of UV/LED inks, coatings and lacquers in the production of compact discs and printed circuit boards as well as the offset, inkjet, and flexo printing industry.

- Specialty equipment such as inerting systems and advanced cold mirrors.

- Curing of UV/LED adhesives and coatings in the electronic, optical, automotive, metal, and medical device manufacturing industries.

- Simulated sunlight and UV radiation measurement systems for quality testing of photovoltaic modules and materials aging and testing.

- UVATEC for reliable surface disinfection in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

- UV meters for sporadic or continuous measurement of radiation intensities.

Do you have a unique market or product need? Our facility in Marlboro, Massachusetts, is equipped with UV/LED piloting equipment and test/demo units to evaluate potential UV/LED applications. Call us at 508 . 229 . 7774.

Our Partner in UV/LED Technology

The Honle Group is the world's leading supplier of industrial UV/LED technology. For over two decades, they have set standards in UV technology, developed new applications and were one of the first UV manufacturers/suppliers to obtain ISO 9002 Certification.

They manufacture and distribute UV/LED systems, UV lamps, and UV/LED measuring technology throughout the world. These systems are used in numerous applications, including the cross-linking of photo reactive substances, surface sterilization, and solar simulation. With their vast R&D center, The Honle Group is always on the cutting edge of UV technology.