"We’ve been working with several ink vendors as we try to develop new products. When we told them that we would be applying their “most opaque white” ink with a 120 count, 15 bcm anilox, they said that it wouldn’t cure.

Well...a couple of their jaws dropped to the floor when they saw that the Honle unit was not only curing the ink, but at 50% power as well. Hatch tests were done to ensure that it wasn’t just 'surface curing'. That is a true testament to the product your company provides.

I would happily recommend Honle UV America to anyone in the future."

Juan Munoz
Production Foreman
Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc.

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UV Applications

Flexo/Offset Printing

UV/LED curing products for digital, flexo, and high-speed offset printing presses, available in widths from 85 mm to 2,030 mm. Inerting and advanced cold mirrors available for specialty applications.

These dryers – with their special form reflectors – can have varied arc lengths, spectra, and lamp performance according to your specifications, and can be adapted to very different requirements. More...

As custom as our UVAPRINT HP line, the small cross section of this dryer series gives you the ability to install the unit in tight and hard to reach places. More...

This cold UV radiation system was developed especially for use in temperature-sensitive production processes such as printing mono films or shrink sleeves. The Advanced Cold Mirror technology (ACM) makes it possible to filter out a large portion of the interfering infrared radiation. More...

The advantages of the Inert drying technology ensure the final printed product possess an extremely scratch-resistant surface as well as an increased gloss level with versatile color effects. More...

The EPS is an electronic power supply for UV discharge lamps with a maximum power of 34 kW. The EPS can power an arc length of up to 2,030 mm. More...

UV Lamps
Our UV lamps are developed and manufacture at a state-of-the-art production facility, setting new standards in UV lamp technology and quality. Our optimized development and production processes, combined with our UV curing systems, offer you all the benefits of technology tailored to your requirements. More...

UV Scan
Used in combination with the tesa® UV Strip, a reliable, photochromatic film, this reading device provides exact dose measurements from surfaces that are difficult to access. Once exposed the strips can be evaluated with our UV Scan, which enables storage of the data for future reproduction. More...

UV Meter
This handheld UV Meter measures exact data, which is calibrated to the German Standard PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt). The UV Meter’s range of interchangeable sensors makes the device suitable for different manufacturing processes. More...