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UV Equipment


The Bluepoint is a high performance point source for all applications that need maximum UV/LED intensity. The radiation of the lamp is directed through a flexible liquid light guide to the spot to be irradiated.

For the LED unit, the diodes are placed into the end of the cable. The UV light guide is available with different diameters, number of guides and lengths. The Bluepoint LED also has up to four LED heads that can be connected to the operating unit whereby the diodes can emit different wavelengths. Control of the Bluepoint is possible via the interface, foot switch or using an external control signal.

- Infinitely variable UV intensity between 2.000
and 14.000 mW/cm² UVA
- UVA LED intensity up to 9.500 mW/cm²
- Available LED wavelengths of 365, 385 and 400nm
- Easy lamp exchange through a slide-out module at the front
- Ability to program complete exposure sequences
- Automatic calibration and power readjustment in combination with our UV Meter
- RS 232 and PLC interface as well as additional relay contact with selectable function
- Electronic ballast with automatic adjustment to any AC main supply
- Interchangeable filters for different wavelength areas available

Additional Units:
Bluepoint LED, Bluepoint 4, Bluepoint 4 ECOCure

For more information on our Bluepoint product line, call 508 . 229 . 7774.