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September 28 -
October 1, 2014
Graph Expo
Chicago, IL

September 29 -
October 1, 2014

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October 28 - 30, 2014
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Our Newest Acquisition!
Hönle acquires Grafix.


We transform your UV/LED curing challenges
into profitable business solutions

Every day acts of transformation are happening all around us. Like a flash of light, your needs suddenly change, and your process and environment are no longer the same. When you feel that change coming on, can you trust that your UV/LED equipment supplier has the right technology to transform your UV/LED curing challenges into profitable business solutions? If not, we can help.

Do you have a unique market or product need? No worries! Honle UV America is your UV/LED specialist in the design, development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art electronic power supplies and lamps. Our innovative UV/LED technology will grow with you and help you meet the demands of your ever-changing marketplace, one transformation after another.

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